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Open Source Scalable Parallel
Multi Dimensional Data Aggregation Engine
with MDX query interface

HydraCube is an open source, free, parallel software to provide scalable Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities like aggregation, slicing and dicing of multi dimensional hierarchical data.  The objective is to build a parallel software which can run on cheaper commodity desktop machines as a cluster farm which are highly scalable and economical for huge data volume. 

It is an MOLAP server built on top of BerkeleyDB for efficient data handling and addresses sparsity very well using Bit Encoded Storage Scheme (BESS). HydraCube is not an in-memory OLAP server but execute cube aggregate queries (MDX) on demand against the distributed database. It has very less memory footprint and is scalable by adding more processors to the cluster farm. It handles sparsity and data explosion very well.


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If you find HydraCube as interesting as we do, consider joining our team of talented and enthusiastic developers. We need help in enriching the functionality, fixing known bugs as well as porting it to all possible platforms for wider usage.

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